Create New Account

From this main screen:

You can create a free account in Enter To My World. Once you create your account, you can purchase a plan to start reading comics.

  • Click on the "Sign in" button on the top right corner.
  • Click on the "I don't have an account" white text. This should hide the login window and show a new one with the title: Create New Account
  • You must enter all the requested information: You name, your surname, the Email address you want to use and create a secret password.
  • After reading our Terms & Conditions, you must check the box and accept them before continuing.
  • Click on the "CREATE" button to send your information to our servers and create a new account. NOTICE: You can't create an account using an already existing Email.

Validate your Email

Once you create your account, you must validate your Email. To do this, go to your Email provider and click on the link we send you.

Please NOTICE that if you don't validate your Email, you won't be able to login in Enter To My World.

Login to Enter To My World

From this main screen:

  • Click on the "Sign in" button on the top right corner.
  • Enter the Email and password you used when you created an account in Enter To My World.

Accessing the Library

You don't need to buy a plan to access the comic library.
You can browse all the titles of our library and see the artists uploading their comics.

To access our library, go to the main Website and scroll down to this:

Click on the "BROWSE LIBRARY" button and access our library.

You may be redirected to the "Buy a Plan" screen if you try to access one of the comics. And that's because the website detects that your plan either is missing or we couldn't charge from your credit card the monthly fee.

Buy a Plan

Before reading any comic you need to buy a plan. We have 2 plans:

  • STANDARD: it costs us$5
  • PREMIUM: it costs us$10

From the main page in our website, scroll down and see the following screen:

And click on one of the 2 buttons to select the plan you prefer.

Accessing Payment Website

Once you select one of the buttons (remember you must be signed to do this), you will be redirected to the payment screen.

Make sure you have your credit card information and click on the "Checkout" red button to continue.

Entering your Payment Information

After you click the "Checkout" red button, you will be taken to the next screen. Please enter all your information. Here is an example.

Ths final step is to click on the "Subscribe" blue button. If your information is correct, the process will end and take you to the SUCCESS screen.

Once the process is finished, you can read all the comics you want from our library!

Browsing the Comic Library

Once you have yout account created and a plan purchased, you can read all our comics.

The main content of our library consists of several sections.


The header contains 2 main links on the top left corner: "Enter To My World" will take you back to our main website. "Comic Library" will show you this screen every time you click in that.

On the right corner you will find 2 buttons: "Contact" will scroll you down to our Contact Form. You can communicate with us using that form. Make sure you send us your Email and that it has enough free space to receive new messages.
The other button is "Help", which will bring you to this section you are reading now.

Below you will find a search section. You can write any complete word so we can perform a search on all our comics.
At the right side of the search bar you will find a button named "LOGIN". Use it to sign in and identify yourself as a member. Once you are logged in, this button changes its name for "YOUR ACCOUNT". If you click on that button, the website will take you to a section where you can modify your information (name, surname, profile picture and more)

Second Row

The second row of information will show you the "Recently Added" comics. Here you can see all the comics we add to the library weekly.

Next to it you can see the artists who own thse comics. You can see their names and also click on the orange button which will bring a search result of all his/her comics.

The last piece of information you will find here is the "Most Viewed". This is a list of comics sorted by the number of views it has. By seeing this, you can have a quick idea of what people is reading.

All Our Categories

This is the most important section of the library. You will find all the comics we have for you, grouped by category. The search result will also appear here.
You can click on any cover and see more information about it, as well as a start which can be clicked to add one of the comics to the list of your favorites.

There are 3 small buttons: "EN", "SP" and "FR". Click on the one you want to read the same comic but in different languages. EN stands for English, SP for Spanish and FR for French.


The last section of the page is the footer. Here you can find our legar information and a contact form for sending us any comments or doubts you may have.
You can subscribe to our newsletter and receive announcements about new comics and more stuff from the creators.