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Chime Chat

Install our Browser Extension to send comments to any website.

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Chime Chat is a Chrome Extension that allows you to add your comments to any website, even if it lacks the functionality.

We created this extension for two reasons:

  1. Posting the URL in your social media account and adding your comments limits access to those who follow you. Adding comments directly on the website itself allows you to reach everyone on the internet.
  2. We dislike the idea of website owners removing the comments section simply because they don't want others to read the feedback people have to offer.

Express yourself even in private profiles.

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If webssites don't let you post messages, you normally go to any social netowrk.

People can see your message only if they follow you or if they luckily find you.

Post your comments with Chime Chat, so users coming to the website will see you message even if they don't follow you.

Get the extension
Download Kiwi browser (based on Chrome) and use the
Chime Chat extension in your phone or tablet

Version 2.0

Search for users and Follow them

Make sure you have Version 2 installed. With several improvements, bug fixes and new features.

Get the extension

If you are following a friend, we will notify via Email every time they leave a comment to any website. Jump and collaborate!

Want to send some feedback?

Just install the extension and use it in this page to send your comments.
We will be reading everything happening on the chat.

In the pipelinme

   Ability to find users and subscribe
to receive a message when they post a comment.

   List of last posted comments.

   List of most commented websites.