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Chinchon de Amelia

Card games you can play with friends, family, random connected users and even an AI.

Chinchón is a matching card game played in Spain, Uruguay and Argentina. It is a close variant of gin rummy with which it shares the same objective: making sets, groups or runs, of matching cards.

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Chime Chat

Install our Browser Extension to send comments to any website.

Chime Chat is a Chrome Extension that allows you to add your comments to any website, even if it lacks the functionality.

We created this extension for two reasons:

  • Posting the URL in your social media account and adding your comments limits access to those who follow you.
  • Adding comments directly on the website itself allows you to reach everyone on the internet.

  • We dislike the idea of website owners removing the comments section simply because they don't want others to read the feedback people have to offer.
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