About Us

Enter To My World is a company founded in London, United Kingdom. We like to think our goal is to work for businesses and institutions, although most of the time we're sipping tea and talking about the weather, while occasionally creating games and applications.

How we Work

Our business model is as clever as a fox in a henhouse: we generate revenue through advertising. This cunning approach allows us to offer our games and applications for the grand total of absolutely nothing. Free fun for everyone, with a side of cheeky adverts!

Begins with the Idea

We start with your idea of an App or Game that will reach a large number of users...

We Build It

We agree on all the terms: design and functionality. That's all we need to make it real as you have in mind.

Your Customers Enjoy!

Once ready and approve it, you distribute it among your users and customers for them to enjoy!

The Benefits

Our B2B model, centered on advertising, lets you enjoy a high-quality App or Game without spending a penny. Rest assured, our ads are very polite, just a simple banner at the bottom of the screen.

GPS Tracking

We have already developed BarMatch for social venues. Now, bring your idea involving geolocation to life with us!

Loved by Everyone

We value your feedback and the input from our users. This helps us continuously improve the experience for everyone.

Security first

We take security seriously. Our team diligently monitors our Apps and implements top-notch security measures to ensure the best product for you.

Innovative idea

We are open to any idea. The only condition is that applications and games must reach a group of users.

Money Well Invested

Now you can save on the investment of developing and maintaining an App or Game. We take care of everything.

Proven technology

We work with the latest technology. Our products can be published as Web or Mobile apps, complete with Server functionality.

Chinchon de Amelia

This is a popular card game that can be customized with your brand colors and images.

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This is another popular card game customized for soccer fanatics. Branding and colors were integrated throughout all sections of the game.

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This is an app built for nightclubs and similar venues, where patrons can create a small social network within the establishment.

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Got questions? We've got answers. Feel free to send us an email to hello@entertomyworld.com

How Do I Get an App or Game?

Simply contact us. Whether you already have an idea or need help developing one, we are here to assist. We listen to your needs and create a comprehensive plan outlining each step. Once you approve the plan, we begin crafting your App or Game. When it's ready, your users and customers can start enjoying it.

How Much Do You Charge Per Hour?

We don't charge per hour or per project.
Our business model is based on advertising displayed within the App or Game. If you prefer not to show advertising, we can discuss an alternative business model and charge accordingly, like any other development studio.

Do I have to Publish the App or Game?

No. Our team will design, develop, and publish the App or Game for you. You will receive a link to the Google Play Store and Apple Store to share with your users. We also create the graphics and icons for the final product. Please note, the products must comply with the terms and conditions of these platforms, as Google and Apple can prevent us from publishing any non-compliant work.

What About Maintenance?

Once the product is in use, we handle all feedback and bug reports from your users. We are committed to fixing any issues that arise. We also consider feature requests, though we don’t immediately implement them. Our process involves analyzing the requests with you to determine if they can be added. If you agree, we then decide based on the complexity and future of the app or game. Additionally, we take care of maintaining the servers required to provide the service.

Meet the team

We are a small group of inverntors, hackers and designers from the differrent parts of the world on a mission.

Walter Rodriguez

Founder and CEO

Mariano Rodriguez

VP of Marketing

Carolina Gulberti

VP of Design

See you There!

See your idea published today! Let's work together for a great future. Turn any postponed dream into reality. Money is no longer an issue.


Stay close. Receive news in your Email about new products and people we work with. Emails are sent not too often. I'd say they go at the correct time with the correct amount of information you need and are expecting to see.

Enter To My World

Contact Us

Please share your comments, ideas, or contact requests. A team member will respond to you shortly. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we strive to address your queries and suggestions as promptly as possible.

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